A Message from Mother Jenny 06.21.2024

The process of discernment is unfolding. We have bared our souls and been vulnerable with one another. We have named the elephants in the room. We are facing our fears. We are imagining a way forward but we still do not—still cannot—know precisely where we are going. Hopes and dreams aligned with mission and identity have been shared, yet, we do not know precisely what Grace Church will be. Now is the time we need to surrender to the process so that it can unfold.


This surrender requires trust. Trust in the process. Trust in ourselves. Trust in the Vestry. Trust that the Holy Spirit is with us no matter what happens.


Please join me, along with Mary Hix, our Senior Warden, this Sunday for a parish-wide conversation in the Auditorium from Noon-12:45pm. Priorities for my remaining time at Grace will be shared, updates from the Vestry given and time allotted for questions.


I look forward to seeing you on Sunday,
Mother Jenny+