You Are Welcome!

Grace Episcopal School is an independent co-educational institution for children from ages 3 to Grade 5. It prides itself on being a small school that fosters confident learners with compassionate hearts. The school places high importance on the joys of learning, growing, and leading.


The school’s ethos, “Begin with Grace,” emphasizes the significance of early education and a strong foundational start for each child. There is a strong focus on developing literacy, math fluency, social-emotional growth, and character traits such as empathy and courage. Being a small institution, Grace Episcopal School offers a personalized understanding of childhood.

As part of its “Grow with Grace” philosophy, the school recognizes and nurtures each student’s unique needs and potential through differentiated teaching methods, a low teacher-to-student ratio, and a blend of accountability and care. The school’s journey with its students transitions them from anxious preschoolers to confident fifth graders who take on leadership roles like school ambassadors.


The “Lead with Grace” approach highlights the unique opportunity for fifth graders to become the top leaders in the school, mentoring younger students. This leadership model fosters a sense of community, where older students bond with and guide the younger ones, creating an environment of mutual achievement and celebration.


The school’s leadership invites prospective families to explore more about Grace Episcopal School through its website and to consider visiting for a tour, expressing pride in the school’s community and the enriching experience it offers.