Musings by Mother Jenny 05.17.2024

Right now, I am staring out the window onto our backyard wondering what words I could offer that would be spiritually uplifting for you. A week of caregiving for my husband after knee replacement surgery has muddled my thinking. Coordinating his care is draining. Interrupted sleep doesn’t help. And yet, I know I am not the only one at Grace Church who is wearied by the changes and chances of life.


Keeping to my morning routine to stay sane, I pull up the SSJE blog. Today’s post is from Br. Curtis and these are his words of wisdom. “Every day we will be shown that life is too much for us to navigate alone. And God will greet us with a reminder from our past, to give us the clarity of trust we need for now. Or God will greet us with a visitation of the future, the paradoxical gift of faith. And that will make all the difference. Jesus assures us, ‘I am with you always:’ past, present, future.”


At once, a white butterfly flits by the garden window. An orange red-headed house finch enjoys his breakfast at the window feeder. Blooming foxgloves, bluestars and bellflowers in the garden make me smile. The red roses on my desk smell sweet. And their bright color reminds me we will celebrate the Day of Pentecost this Sunday.


Through word and song, the promise of the Holy Spirit sweeping through Grace Church and into our lives with power and might will be proclaimed and claimed. Yes, life is too much for us to navigate alone! Jesus knew this when he ascended to his Father and promises to be with us always. That’s why, especially when we need it the most, we can count on the Holy Spirit to guide and comfort us. And who knows, She might just appear in the form of a butterfly, a bird or a beautiful flower.


Looking forward to celebrating the Day of Pentecost with you on Sunday and don’t forget to wear red!


Mother Jenny+