Musings from Mother Jenny 05.31.2024

One of the things I enjoy about being home in Richmond for part of each week is lingering over morning coffee with Joe. Outside on our garden patio, we call this our “ritual of connection” and there’s no telling what will come up in our conversations.


Yesterday it was a rabbit that wandered into our yard. “What do you call a group of rabbits?” I ask. Neither one of us can remember. So, I google it and learn that in the wild, a group of rabbits is called a colony or a fluffle. And, as google searches and curiosity continue, we also learn that a group of squirrels is a scurry. A group of pigs, a drift or a drove. Hogs gather as a passel or a team. A prickle is a group of porcupines, and a tower, a group of giraffes. The funniest and most interesting to me is that a group of crocodiles is called, of all things, a congregation.


Why a congregation? Well, it turns out that saltwater crocodiles are very social and often can be found hanging out together. Makes sense when I think about the ways Grace Church enjoys being together at Coffee Hour, for the Chili Bowl, recently at Bingo and, from what I hear, at Shrine Mont (reminder for the upcoming September 6-8, 2024).

So, how about hanging out at the Parish Picnic this coming Sunday following our one bilingual worship service at 10:30am as we celebrate our youth and graduates! Please come, bring a dish or dessert to share and let’s all simply enjoy being with each other as the congregation of Grace Church.


Grateful to be serving this congregation with you!
Mother Jenny+