Musings from Mother Jenny 06.06.2024

On my walk by the Potomac River this morning I was accompanied by a gaggle of eight Canadian geese who were floating near the shore. I greeted them as God’s creatures and then picking up my pace, continue on the path.


Coming to my favorite bench at water’s edge, I sit to ponder and pray. In a few minutes the gaggle of eight float by and decide to come ashore for breakfast. With the river spilling over the bank during the night, the geese are only a few feet from where I am sitting. And while they tolerate my presence, as soon as another gaggle of nine geese attempts to join them, my friends begin honking and hissing and flapping their wings.


Fascinated to see what is going to happen next, I continue watching. The gaggle of nine remain in the river and yet they don’t leave. They wait. The honking and wing flapping of the eight lessen but the boundary remains.


In a few minutes the eight waddle further from the shore and more into the park, pecking the ground for food. Meanwhile, the gaggle of nine tentatively begin moving onto more solid ground. Peace ensues. And if you didn’t know any different you might think this gaggle of seventeen geese gathering in the park today have always been of one accord.


In all of the Affinity Groups as well as in the written responses to the questions about the mission and identity of Grace Church, one thing rang 100% true. Which is that this parish is welcoming to all. Additional comments were made that Grace Church strives to be inclusive, a safe harbor, accepting, nurturing, supporting, interconnected and diverse. All of which I see being lived out at Grace on a daily basis.


Being of one accord, isn’t always easy. Occasionally there might be a bit of wing flapping, hissing and honking. This I believe is natural for all of God’s creatures and it is part of the reconciling work of this church.


Grateful to be on this journey with you,
Mother Jenny+