Musings from Mother Jenny 06.28.2024

Although I’m grateful to have an apartment near Grace Church, living in two places can be stressful. Doing mental gymnastics every week to make sure I don’t forget anything, this week the inevitable happened. In my haste to get ahead of traffic on I-95 North, I forgot to pack my laptop power cord.


Like most of us, I am heavily dependent on my computer for work and, basically, for everything else. Buying a new power cord was an option. On the other hand, I was curious to see how I would function knowing the power could dwindle to zero before I returned home to Richmond.


For a couple of days, I was fine. And, then, as the battery’s energy lessened, I obsessed about the percent of power and time remaining. The pace of my typing accelerated as I responded to emails. Pressure to work against the clock mounted. Pushing my brain to think faster made my head hurt.


But, as time ticked on, it then dawned on me. I did not need to push myself. Once I was back home in Richmond my battery could be recharged—and, it was.

Now, all this is a fitting metaphor for the time away I will be taking for the next two Sundays to be on vacation with my husband Joe. And, just so you know, I have been forbidden to even think about taking my laptop with me, charged or not!


May summer blessings abound,
Mother Jenny+